In Loving Memory

In Memory of the Dogs We’ve Walked Who Have Passed Away

Our long time dog walking pal Anna has passed away

We have spent many many hours walking the streets of Sandy with Anna. She was the easiest dog to leash we have ever worked with; since as soon as she heard the leash Anna would immediately run to the door, stick her nose in the crack, and wait for her leash to be put on.

She was loved while she was with us, and is missed now that she is gone. I for one, learned a lot from working with Anna, and I thank her for that.

Axel The English Bulldog

The hyper and lovable Axel passed away in 2009.

Axel could be extremely stubborn. It took me 7 minutes once, when he was staying at my house for a couple weeks, just to get him to stay out of the kitchen. You can see what I mean by watching the video of this:

But Axel learned quickly and become a lot of fun to be around. He was a good dog and a quick learner, RIP.

Trudy The German Short Haired Pointer

Trudy was lost after a car accident on a Montana freeway in 2009. Her owner looked hard and long for her but was unable to find her. We hope someone ended up taking her in and that she is alive and well, but we can’t know for sure. She is sorely missed.

I spent many afternoons walking Trudy and her best friend Otto as you will see in the video below.

According to her owner she was an excellent hunting dog. I recall Trudy’s owner telling me that he had gone bird hunting with Trudy one day, and although he failed to kill anything with his gun, Trudy managed to catch and bring him back a bird all on her own.

We will miss you Trudy.

 Our Long Time Walking Buddy Nova Has Passed

dog walking customer

We will certainly miss our walks with Nova each day. She wouldn’t let us walk her in the rain or if there was even a gloomy cloud in the sky haha, but on sunny days she loved to get out and take a stroll with us.

Nova was an extremely well behaved dogs on our walks, and we feel honored to have had the opportunity to spend some time with her each day during the final years of her life.

 Our Friend Flyer Has Passed Away


One of our dog walkers had this to say about Flyer, “A gentle dog, extremely kind and obedient. Anybody would love to have that dog.”

We are honored we got to spend some time with Flyer walking and playing in Salt Lake City.

 The Always Sweet Kita Has Passed Away

A dog we walked who passed away.

We will miss this girl!

For 4 years Kita was the dog that all of our dog walkers would fight over because everyone wanted to walk her. She had the best roooo rooo in town and would always greet her favorite dog walkers with it.

Thanks for all the good times Kita; it was an honor to serve you.


Max the cat has passed away. He was very good at reminding us, with his loud meows, that his feeding and insulin shots were not to be overlooked.

We always looked forward to seeing this guy, and he was a great big brother to Bodie!

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