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Dog Walking in Las Vegas, NV:

This 5 minute video will show you how our services generally work and answer many of our most frequently asked questions

Here’s what you’ll get:
1. Your dog will be GPS tracked at no cost to you when being walked by any of our Las Vegas dog walkers! This tracking service is expensive for us to run, but we offer it to you free of charge. We want you to know that your dog is safe on the walk with us. Never worry if your dog is being walked when and how you’ve asked. With our pet services there is no doubt!
2. Your Las Vegas dog walking service is customized to meet your needs. Whether you need dog walks 7 days a week or if you only need us to come by when you are out of town. No matter what your needs are we will make sure your dogs are cared for properly.
3. Your dog will NOT be walked with any other dogs unless you ask us to. Your Las Vegas dog walker will give your dog one on one attention during the entire walk. We want to make sure your dogs get 100% of our attention, so unless you ask us to walk your dog in a large group we won’t.Las Vegas, NV dog outside for a walk.
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