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Ryan Gwilliam and puppyRyan Gwilliam and His Dog Pig

In 2007 Ryan got his first dog, a Pit Bull named Butters. Ryan had no idea how to train his new puppy because when he was a kid his family’s dogs were poorly behaved. He knew he wanted a well behaved dog so he started studying, attending training workshops, reading, buying training materials and soaking up as much as knowledge as he could. Ryan constantly irritated his family and friends with fun facts about dogs (a bad habit that continues to this day).

Soon friends and family members were commenting on how well behaved his dog was and began asking him for advice; that is how Train Walk Poop got it’s start!

Train Walk Poop started out as a one man show; Ryan did all the dog walking, poop scooping and training on his own. Since 2007 it has grown to over a dozen dog walkers and 3 dog trainers. We now have dog walkers in 3 states (UT, CO, NV), and we our dog training center in Salt Lake City.

Ryan believes that a dog trainer is never done learning. He believes he can learn something new from every dog trainer he meets and every dog he works with. Ryan feels his most important responsibility is to encourage his staff to keep learning and providing the highest quality of care to the dogs they are entrusted with.

Most customers seek Ryan out for help with in home obedience, walking nice on the leash, socialization etc, but he has worked with many trainers all over the country and has a basic understanding of many other aspects of dog training including: nose work, therapy dog certification, retrieving and even training trick dogs for movies. Below is a link to the trailer for a movie Ryan trained a dog to perform in:

My Dog Zeus Movie Trailer

Our Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Manager



Lorie has had dogs her entire life. Something about their happy, playful nature and noble hearts has always made her love dogs. In December of 2014, Lorie was looking for a new challenge when she saw an opening with Train Walk Poop. She applied, and her search blossomed into a new passion. She loves what she does, and has a lot of fun with it.

Her dependability shows, as she can be counted on to always do a great job. Her notes to the owners always make them laugh, and show that Lorie truly has fun walking dogs.