Dog Training Courses

What We Believe In

1. Be patient: Changing habits takes time. Your dog will not become the perfect dog over night, but if you are patient and consistent your dog will improve noticeably each and every week.

2. Training should be fun: This is why we incorporate games that your dog will love in every session.

3. Communicate clearly and consistently: I’m in business to help you and your dog enjoy each other’s company more. By the time you’re done with training you and your dog are going to understand each other a whole lot better!

4. Keep learning: The more you know the better your relationship with your dog will become. I’ve found that people who constantly call/text me with questions about their dogs get the best results. This is why I include free phone and email support with all my training programs.

Dog Training Starter Course (3 sessions):
In Our Training Facility – $300, In Your Home – $495

Every dog is different and so is every family. That’s why we can get such great results by working with you one on one; we can tailor each session and your homework assignments to your dog’s personality.

During this course you will learn how to read your dog’s body language. I want you to be able to quickly recognize when your dog is excited, stressed, nervous, irritated, etc and how to help your dog get back to a feeling of calm as quickly as possible.

You will also learn how to get your dog to walk on a loose leash with distractions. There will be plenty of time for you to ask questions and for us to address other common behavioral issues such as: potty training, crate training, digging, barking, jumping, behaving around guests and children and anything else that your dog needs help with.

After the training I will always make time to answer questions via telephone and email at no additional charge.

This course includes:

  • 3 sessions
  • In your own home or in our training facility, so we can teach your dog how to behave at home.
  • Free email and phone support after the training
  • Step by step homework assignments after each session
  • One on one attention so we can custom tailor each session to you and your dog
  • This course is designed for dogs 7 weeks young to 20 years old

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Boot Camps (Board and Train Programs) –

$2,995 – 6 week Boot Camp

$1,995 – 3 week Boot Camp

$995 – 10 day Boot Camp

$650 – 5 day Boot Camp

Drop your dog off for some intensive, one on one training. Your dog will return home after Boot Camp with some very important life skills that will make life easier for you and the dog. Your new, calm and obedient dog comes with a lifetime of free dog training support. Your dog will thank you.

As the owner you need to be able to see how we transform your dog’s behavior and be able to replicate it at home. That’s why you will receive training at the end of the Boot Camp, and you will receive 3 free follow up sessions post Boot Camp.

Don’t forget to also sign up for Sunday Social class after the Boot Camp! This is a great way for us to stay in tune with you and your dog after training. It’s fun for us to see our Boot Camp dogs at social, so we can praise the dogs and their owners for how much their dog’s behavior has improved. It also helps us make adjustments that dogs and their owners are making after training.

Boot Camps are designed for dogs 3 months young to 20 years old.

To find out exactly what your dog will learn, as well as, what you will learn go here:


Free Meet and Greet with Your Trainer

Whether you’re looking to schedule a Boot Camp or some one on one sessions, we’d love to meet with you and your puppy for a 15 minute consultation. This is your opportunity to ask us questions and tour the facility; we also like to get to know you to find out what your goals are for your puppy. Call or email us today to get your free meet and greet scheduled.

Electronic Collar Training – $595

Your dog will learn to respond to your commands with the help of some amazing technology. We will work one on one with you and your dog both on leash and off leash during 4 intense training sessions. During each session we will put you in command so you can witness your dog’s new found obedience skills.

This is by far my favorite tool to use. It allows you to react quicker to your dog’s unwanted behaviors as well as communicate with your dog effectively while off leash.

This training device should be used in conjunction with lots of praise, treats and positive reinforcement to ensure both you and your dog are having fun the whole time. We will teach you how to use this tool with very low levels of stimulation; when we correct your dog using the e-collar his response will be similar to how he’d react if he had an itch on his neck. The correction is that light!

This course includes:

  • 4 sessions included
  • E-collar included ($190 value)
  • 2 free days of daycare
  • Everything you get with our In Office course listed above
  • Simple to follow homework instructions after each session
  • This course is designed for dogs 4 months young to 20 years old

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Sunday Social Classes

Held Outdoors: Puppies and small dogs (25 lbs and smaller) from 10:30-11:15pm. Big dogs (26 lbs+) from 11:30-12:30pm at The Stable Place in West Valley City.

Come learn how to read dog body language. You will learn a ton about your own dog’s body language, as well as, when you should and when you shouldn’t interfere with your dog’s social interactions.

If your dog growls at another dog, should you always correct it? The correct answer is no! Sometimes you shouldn’t! If you want to know why, come to class and we’ll teach you.

There are many subtle signals dogs are sending to each other and to us all the time. We want you to be able to read those signals.

*Assessment is required before attending social class, the cost is $50 for an assessment and it includes a full day of daycare. After this initial assessment, if your dog passes, the social class is free for life!

This class is high energy and fast paced. Due to the exciting nature of our outdoor class it is not appropriate for all dogs. Our outdoor class is donations based only, we do have to rent the horse arena we use so we hope you will help us by making a donation each week.

All proceeds from our Sunday Social Classes are donated to CAWS.

If you’d like to see pictures/videos of our training facility and the horse arena please visit our instagram.

P.S. Stay tuned to our facebook page for class updates. We cancel the class sometimes when we host training events and when the weather is bad.

eBook $5.95

The simplest, cheapest way to get started is to download my ebook, “From Puppy to Pack Leader”. After reading my book you will IMMEDIATELY start seeing results because you will begin seeing your dog’s behavior in a way you never have before. You can get the in depth overview of my eBook by clicking here.

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Shadow Trainer Program (Become a Dog Trainer)

10 Day Program $2,495

5 Day Program $1,495

3 Day Program $995

Work one on one with me, Ryan Gwilliam, and my staff each day.  I’ll customize your Shadow Program to fit what you want to learn about.

You will choose your area of focus, whether that is:

  • working with customers
  • working with difficult dogs
  • working with shy dogs
  • working with puppies
  • leash training
  • e-collar training
  • teaching tricks
  • running daycare socials or group socials with customers
  • leash training
  • teaching games with rules (tug, fetch, nose work, food based games, etc)
  • reading dog’s body language and social cues

No matter the area of focus you choose you’ll get a little taste of everything. I’ll save you thousands of $ in mistakes and learning things by trial and error. My shadow program will give you hands on experience today that you’ll be able to benefit and profit from for the rest of your life.

Here’s what one shadow student had to say:

“I am in Ryan’s shadow program to become a dog trainer myself and it has been great. He had such a calm approach in every aspect. His patience with me is just like with his dogs and I am learning so much!. The guidance on every step is a huge help along with the explanations so I’m able to understand. I have learned the leash trainings, participated in socialization classes and teaching me to read dogs which is extremely valuable. He really takes time with me and is so knowledgeable; I’m so grateful for this time with him and have so much more confidence. Anyone ever thinking of training dogs needs to call Ryan!”

Send me an email or give me a call, and let’s train some dogs together! Contact Ryan