Testimonials From Dog Walking, Pet Sitting & Dog Training Clients

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Testimonials

“Very Impressed with service. Timely, affordable, and professional. Would recommend highly to other dog owners.” Avid

“I have been using the dog walking service for a few months and I am extremely happy with the service provided. Ryan met with me and spent time reassuring me and explaining all the policies and procedures. I appreciate that I always feel informed and how willing they are to accommodate my schedule. My little dog is much happier when I come home from long days because he had someone give him love and attention when I was gone! Great service!” Erin

“I have used Train Walk Poop’s dog walking and poop scoop services for over a year now. Ryan’s crew always show up when they say they will and have always done an excellent job for us and our 2 dogs. Using his service has lifted a burden off my shoulders and helps me enjoy life a little more. I would recommend him to anyone I know.” Linda

“I used Ryan’s dog walking and training service, Train Walk Poop for 1 1/2 years before moving out of state. If I had not moved I never would have stopped using his service. I had two German Shorthaired Pointers, a very high energy and rambunctious breed of dog. Ryan was able to get both dogs to stop pulling on leash. Prior to that they really could not be walked because they pulled so hard. I sadly lost one of the dogs in a automobile accident, and Ryan created a in memory video clip of my dog on his website. I was really appreciative of it. When I hired Ryan I was expecting only to have my dogs walked but his service offers so much more than that. I would recommend Ryan to anyone who needs a great dog walking service.” Ben

Dog Training Testimonials

Dave and Sarah’s puppy named Chorny

Dave and Sarah talk about their experience with the “Board & Train” program.

Shane’s Hunting Dog Weezy

From the second Ryan walked in my door it was obvious he was

I’ve owned a few dogs before this one, and I’ve never had a problem with
training, but my new dog Weezy isn’t like any dog I’ve ever had
before. Lol, rowdy, stubborn, needy, etc.  Ryan took him for a week, and
when I got him back he was a different dog. So much calmer and now
I enjoy taking him on walks.

I’m a hunter, so I must say this is a GREAT FOUNDATION for all the other stuff I want to teach him. I would highly recommend Ryan as a trainer, not to mention he’s very helpful and easy to work with. A GREAT INVESTMENT for enjoying your dog!

Thanks Ryan.

The Aggressive Great Dane Named Gracie

Dear Ryan,

I just wanted to say thank you for your help with Gracie, my 2 1/2 year old Great Dane. As you know, I adopted her back in March of this year. Although I don’t know everything about her past, I do know she was mistreated and very much neglected. She obviously wasn’t socialized around other dogs and lacked good manners with people as well.  After about a month of her constant jumping on people and her growing aggression with other dogs, I started to worry that I wouldn’t be able to handle her.  I began searching out qualified trainers and am so glad I found your website.

Through your guidance and techniques she is now a different dog!!!  The jumping has stopped and her aggression with other dogs has basically disapeared. It’s unbelievable how far she’s come. When friends come to the house they can’t believe she’s the same dog.  Also, I can take her hiking and not worry about running into other dogs.  Instead of wanting to fight she now wants to play.  I almost cried the first time this happened.

So again, thank you a million times over. I would like to say to anyone whose having issues with their own dogs that I would recommend they work with you!



Terri’s Out Of Control English Mastiff

My 10 month old Mastiff was out of control, way out of control. He damaged the furniture and walls in our home, and he was constantly biting and jumping on people. I love my dog and I am totally devoted to him. However, eventually it became obvious that if he didn’t improve his behavior soon I would have no choice but to give him away.

I tried EVERYTHING to improve his behavior, I took him to 3 different sets of obedience classes and I even hired “…………” to come to our home. They charged several hundred dollars and gave me a “life time guarantee”. Unfortunately, their technique was completely ineffective and I was so uncomfortable with their harsh methods that I was afraid to let them come back.

I am so grateful I found Ryan. The changes in my dog’s behavior are miraculous. Ryan’s confident, patient approach, founded in a proficient knowledge of dog psychiatry, is amazingly effective.

Ryan walks my dog and brushes out his coat every day, he cleans up our yard and he gives him a bath once a month. In addition, Ryan always makes himself available for extra training whenever I request it. He is a joy to work with and a true miracle worker. He is honest, reliable and dependable and I strongly recommend his services. He turned my “problem” dog into the perfect pet, and I am grateful that I found him.

My only complaint… I wish I found him six months earlier!

Terri B.


Jessica and Reese’s Rottweiler mix Harley

Harley had definite dog aggression and had been in her fair share of dog fights. They had this to say a few days after their in home consultation:

“Hi Ryan,We are very pleased with Harley’s progress. Reese has taken her twice to Tanner Park for a run and then OFF LEASH with not even one incident. I have really noticed a change when we walk in both Harley and myself. Instead of crossing the street to avoid passing a dog, I walk past with more confidence and she responds to the corrections. I think the key thing for me is when you said that more contact was needed, not less.Mocha has been doing really good with the Halti and sometimes even is five paces behind us. Having Harley under control really helps us focus on Mocha more during the walks which is helping with his pulling issues.They were boarded for a week, so I can’t say our walk this morning was perfect by any means, but they calmed down a lot quicker than I expected.Thank you so much for giving us the tools we needed. It is still a work progress, but she is really coming along.Thanks,Jessica and ReeseKay And Her Stubborn Bull Dog