Become a Dog Trainer

Become a Dog Trainer

Shadow Trainer Program (Become a Dog Trainer)

10 Day Program $2,495

5 Day Program $1,495

3 Day Program $995

Work one on one with me, Ryan Gwilliam, and my staff each day.  I’ll customize your Shadow Program to fit what you want to learn about.

You will choose your area of focus, whether that is:

  • working with customers
  • working with difficult dogs
  • working with shy dogs
  • working with puppies
  • leash training
  • e-collar training
  • teaching tricks
  • running daycare socials or group socials with customers
  • leash training
  • teaching games with rules (tug, fetch, nose work, food based games, etc)
  • reading dog’s body language and social cues

No matter the area of focus you choose you’ll get a little taste of everything. I’ll save you thousands of $ in mistakes and learning things by trial and error. My shadow program will give you hands on experience today that you’ll be able to benefit and profit from for the rest of your life.

Here’s what one shadow student had to say:

“I am in Ryan’s shadow program to become a dog trainer myself and it has been great. He had such a calm approach in every aspect. His patience with me is just like with his dogs and I am learning so much!. The guidance on every step is a huge help along with the explanations so I’m able to understand. I have learned the leash trainings, participated in socialization classes and teaching me to read dogs which is extremely valuable. He really takes time with me and is so knowledgeable; I’m so grateful for this time with him and have so much more confidence. Anyone ever thinking of training dogs needs to call Ryan!”

Send me an email or give me a call, and let’s train some dogs together! Contact Ryan