Pet Sitting Salt Lake City

Pet Sitting Salt Lake City

Pet Sitting Info Pricing

Individual Pet Sitting Visits Start at $14

Our individual pet sitting visits are priced the same as our dog walks. Please go to our dog walking price page to learn what we’ll charge for the visits you’ll need.

Nights and Weekend Pricing

We charge $7 extra for each visit performed after 5pm during the work week or on a Saturday or Sunday.

Holiday Pricing

We charge $7 extra for each visit performed on holidays and holiday weekends. For exact dates when the holiday pricing will apply please contact us. (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years, July 4th, Labor Day, Memorial Day)

We Specialize in Last Minute Service Requests

We charge an extra $6 for any services requested after 5pm the day before the desired service day. Once you are in our system and you’ve completed your free, in home Meet & Greet we are really good at accommodating short notice dog walk requests.

Tour of Our Pet Sitting Services

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GPS tracking of each walk, a note from your pet sitter and email alerts for when we arrive and when we leave. You will always know when we showed up and what we did while we were with your pets. Our end of visit note also includes if your pet peed or pooped during the visit.

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