Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

Some of the answers may surprise you. Did you know your dog can eat many kinds of fruit, but that grapes will make your dog very sick?


Here’s a quick slideshow with all the dos and don’ts:


Food Slideshow – if you are a Salt Lake City dog owner, you need to watch this slideshow!


Many of the answers are obvious like don’t feed your dog chocolate or cookies, but some answers surprised me like the one about eggs. My family used to feed our dogs raw eggs every week because we heard it made their coats shiny and was good for them. I guess we got some bad information.


I would bookmark the slideshow page for future reference. In case a few months from now you are having dinner and can’t remember if x, y or z is ok for your dog to eat. Now the knowledge is at your fingertips. You’re welcome 🙂

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