Leash Biting and Crate Training

Hey Ryan –


Couple of questions…Bella is doing really well after the first in home training session, but I am wondering..


Is it too early to leave her in her crate for 1/2-1 hr at this stage while I leave the house?


She wants to bite her leash – she is doing better but wants to bite it…how do we change that behavior?


Thanks a bunch – see you on Friday.




T- from Salt Lake City


Ryan’s Response


Baby steps!


If she is constantly going after her leash then you may be moving forward too fast. While we were there she did well with 1 minute of leash dragging time, as long as I redirected her with treats and the ball. Slowly build up her tolerance resisting the temptation to bite the leash.
Same goes for the crate. Can she handle being in her crate while you go outside for 30 seconds without stressing out?
If not, then an hour will make her hate the crate. Build her tolerance by going outside while she’s crated for 5 seconds then you come back and give her a treat. Work up from there until you can go outside for longer and longer periods without her stressing out.
Her bladder can probably handle 3 hours in the crate right now, so you can get her to that point soon if you work on making the crate a fun place for her each day.
Does that answer your questions?

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