SLC Puppy Training Classes

This program is for new puppy owners who want help for the life of their puppy. The needs of your puppy change a lot, especially during the first year of life, and you will have customized help at each stage. Every puppy is unique and the challenges they throw at you at each stage of development will be unique; that’s why we created this program. 

Here’s what you’ll get:

Perfect Puppy Boarding School – 2 Weeks 

  • 2 weeks living with one of our trainers Mon-Fri – Your pup will go home with you on the weekends so you can practice and enjoy time together. 
  • During the day, your pup will play a TON (socialization is key and it makes all aspects of training easier). Your puppy will be trained individually each day by your trainer. 
  • In the evenings, your pup will go home with their trainer and be integrated as a part of their family. This ensures good napping, playing and pottying habits are developed in a home environment so it passes easily from the trainer to you.

Puppy Scholar Day Training Program – 4 Weeks 

  • Details can be found here, but the quick version is your pup comes every weekday for a month and gets tons of healthy social interaction, as well as, basic obedience sessions with their trainer. You will also get 1 on 1 sessions on week 2 and 4 so you know how to practice at home.

In Home Training Sessions – 5 Personalized Sessions

  • We come to you to ensure everything makes sense and is properly applied in your home and out in the field (on hikes, at parks, Home Depot, farmer’s market, etc). You can use these sessions at any point during your pup’s life, but generally at the end of potty training, around 6 months old (they’ll probably start acting up at this stage as their confidence begins to grow), and around 9 months (again more confidence and the strong urge to test you kicks in. We’ll show you how to channel this new energy in a fun way instead of fighting it).

Dream Dog Boarding School – 3 Weeks

  • Details on this program can be found here. Bring your dog back for additional training at any age, but we recommend around 5 months old so we can advance their training and begin teaching off leash obedience! This is our favorite part, and this will be your puppy’s favorite part too! This is a very exciting stage of life for both you and your dog; we get to teach essential skills so you and your dog can go just about anywhere together!


  • My puppy training guide, “On Raising A Puppy” has step by step instructions to fix the most common problems new puppy owners have. It includes step by step videos and examples that will help you immediately. (Value $20)
  • My dog training ebook, “From Puppy to Pack Leader” is a great overview of dog training issues and how to fix them. It helps align your mindset with your dog’s and helps you understand what he’s thinking. I’ve revised this multiple times over the years as my dog training understanding and skills have improved. (Value $20)
  • My online puppy training course, “Puppy Jump Start” is a more in depth look at how to understand, train and raise a puppy. I go into the different stages puppies go through from birth to over a year old and the challenges your pup will present you at each stage. Tons of great insights and tips that will make training your puppy so much easier! (Value $200)
  • Access to my “Lesson Plan” document that my team and I constantly update with more videos, articles and exercises. As we learn new techniques (and we’re always learning) we incorporate them into our training programs, and you’ll be able to check in whenever you need something new to work on with your dog. (Value $95)
  • A nutrition analysis for your dog with Valarie of Love Your Pet. Your dog’s nutrition is extremely important for achieving training results both now and over the life of your dog. Valarie is a nutritional expert with over 25 years experience. She’ll give your dog a free diet analysis and help you maximize the health of your dog. Dog owners seriously undervalue this part of their dog’s life. I know I did, for years! Her advice will help your dog have cleaner teeth, shed less, live longer, and feel better (which makes dog training so much easier) . Diet is the foundation of a physically and emotionally healthy dog. (Value $125)
  • Deluxe boarding bonus for 3 nights. When you take your next trip your dog’s stay is on us. We’ll take this opportunity to refresh and tighten up your dog’s training. (Value $207)
  • The training equipment you will need is included: a training leash, a Micro Educator ecollar, and a training collar for walks. We don’t decide what equipment we’ll use until we work with your dog because every dog is different; certain tools and techniques work better with certain dogs. We’ll let you know what works best for your dog at your first Friday session at the end of week 1. We’ll show you how to use it and explain why we chose it for your dog. (Value $260)

How will I know you’re the right trainer for me and my puppy?

We want you to be 100% confident this is the perfect fit for you, so we’ve created:

A Risk Free Trial Week of training. Week 1 of your dog’s training, we’re all on trial. We’re confident you’ll love working with us, and we know we’ll win over the heart of your dog with our playful training style. All you do is pay your $500 deposit and we’re willing to refund it at the end of week one if you’re not convinced we’re a perfect match.

(Value $1,250) Please consider the cost of paying the wrong trainer full price + the loss of your time + potential issues arising from poor training you won’t follow through with anyway + paying a 2nd trainer who you really connect with and gets the results you expect.

How do I make the training stick? And how do I handle my dog in different places/situations like the park, a bbq, off leash hiking, etc?

You need a mentor over the long term. Your goals are higher than our average customer’s and you’ll need our guidance long after the boarding school program is finished.

That’s why we’re including 5 in home/field trip sessions! We’re going to teach you how to confidently navigate each setting your dog needs to master to become the Complete Companion. These time and stress saving sessions are custom tailored, in your home, or out in the field for each milestone your dog reaches. 

So when you’re ready to master the neighborhood walk we’ll be there! To help you navigate the awkward interactions with your most difficult neighbor and the scariest dog on your street. We have seen it all and we know the right things to say and do to keep you and your dog safe all while maintaining good relations with your neighbors.

When your dog is ready to come off leash, we’ll be there! At the park, or the golf course, or the hiking trail to walk you through what will work best with your dog.

When you’re ready to take your dog shopping at Home Depot or to the farmers market, we’ll be there! To walk you through the do’s and don’ts of each environment.

When you want to host a bbq or party at your home, we’ll be there! We’ll help you create a routine that will work to maximize the fun, safety and long term results you want with your dog. So he can become the dog that is welcome everywhere. A dog that knows how to behave without you having to babysit him the entire night or worry he’ll misbehave.

(Value $1,250) For 5 in home/field trips with your trainer to travel to you or the location + save you hours of trial and error as each location has tricks and tactics that we’ve learned over years of experimenting and practicing + we’ll help you avoid the pitfalls that can set your training back weeks.

How do you ensure lasting results and prevent my dog from falling into old habits?

Our next level support system makes our training stick. We’ll walk you through each stage of your dog’s development and take the guesswork out of dog training with our video training sessions.

Send us a video of the issue and your trainer will make a response video for you with a specific exercise or tactic that will move you in the right direction. 

After an intense training program with us our customers don’t need 1-2 hours of time every week because you already understand how we think through problems, how your dog thinks and we speak the same language. 

Most customers only need to pick our brains a little. So a quick video or a 15 minute phone call will often turn the light bulb on for you, and you’ll know how to proceed. 

But you do need that dog obsessed friend (aka everyone who works at Train Walk Poop) who can point you in the right direction! 

We want to be that friend you can turn to for all things dog!

This is included for the life of your dog along with free phone/email support. (Value $900) in the first year alone. Consider the drive time + gas and frustration saved by scheduling to come in for a quick tip. Most customers only need 10-15 mins to get the help they need after the initial program. Instead of buying a 2nd training program you can send in a video!

What if someone in my life undoes all my training? I am worried someone in my family or friend group will undo all my hard work.

This is where our Naughty Human Insurance Plan comes in. We’ll send you home with 3 free charts for the home on how to handle the most hotly debated dog rules between spouses, roommates and kids/parents. These posters will keep everyone on the same page and explain the why, the how, and the what NOT to do for the untrainer in your home. 

You’ll also get my short training guide, How to Train Your Family, for humans who don’t get it. It has my best tips and tricks for teaching the humans in your life. 

Full disclosure, my wife and kids love to untrain my dogs. They sometimes encourage begging, hyperactivity around guests, walking poorly on the leash, among other things. I’ll show you how I turned these frustrating situations into games my wife and kids love to play that actually improved my dog’s behavior once I approached it in this way!

The troublemaker in your home also gets unlimited 1 on 1 sessions for 6 months. This removes all excuses for them to drag their feet or ignore your pleas for help. 

(Value $800) There is no price tag for the frustration of fighting with your loved ones about the dog.

What if I don’t follow through?

If we can teach your dog to love learning new tricks, we can teach you as well. You might be tempted to drop the ball too soon but we won’t let you. 

This is where my favorite book about habit change comes in! I’ll give you a free copy of the book, “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, just tell me if you prefer paperback or audio book. After you’ve read it (or while you’re reading it) we’ll talk about how to make small tweaks to your daily routine that will make it nearly impossible not to follow through with your dog’s training. I’ll also be including a habit journal and worksheet that make forming new habits so much easier. (Value $45)

Also, you’ll receive a copy of my favorite book on dogs, “Let Dogs Be Dogs” by Marc Goldberg and the Monks of New Skete. It taught me how to have a better relationship with my dog and completely changed how I think about my daily interactions with my dog. (Value $30)

Another bonus that will help you stay the course, believe it or not, is the leatherbound scrapbook we’ll give you upon graduation. We’ll help you fill the empty pages with pictures of your dog’s training journey so you can remember the before and after. It will remind you of all your hard work! If you feature it in your home, people will ask you about it, and each reminder is a way to engrain your commitment so deeply that it becomes automatic. (Value $95)

What guarantee do I have from you?

If you’re the type of customer who needs a guarantee before taking a jump, then you are not the type of person we want to work with. We want motivated self-starters who can follow instructions and are not looking for a way out before they even begin. If you are not serious, don’t buy it. But if you are, boy are you going to experience a different dog.

That being said, I do have a guarantee for you. Now I’m not guaranteeing you’re going to hit this goal in a few weeks, after all, because I can’t do your homework for you and your puppy’s needs will changing as they develop. But I am guaranteeing that you will get $7,000 worth of value and service from us to support you. If you don’t feel like we gave you that level of service, I’ll write you a check the day you tell me we suck. 

Best case, you get a well behaved dog and we put all your money towards continued 1 on 1 training sessions until you hit your long-term goal. Worst case, you tell me I suck, I write you a check, and you get 4 weeks of free training. Both options are risk free. But, the only thing guaranteed not to help you is to keep doing what you’re doing.

Request a call

I need help now. What if I can’t get my dog in for a few weeks or longer?

If your start date is more than a week out, we don’t want you to wait either. We will get you scheduled next week for your first in person session. We’ll go over a simple exercise that will only take 5 minutes a day and will help you start building good habits and positive momentum to get you results now. 

We’ll schedule regular visits with your trainer every 1-3 weeks depending on your needs and schedule so you start seeing results now, and this head start will make the time your dog spends living with us that much more impactful! 

We can do in person sessions or video sessions (in case drive time or scheduling is an issue for you), however we recommend the first one be in person.

Total Price Vs Value

The combined value of the bonuses = $4,047.  That’s before adding the 3 training programs that come included.

The training services value of $7,235 + bonuses of $4,047 = $11,282. Your total cost $7,000.