“Who Is Ryan Gwilliam and How Can He Help Me With My Dogs?”

How I Became a Salt Lake City Dog Walker

In a lot of ways I am actually a pretty typical Salt Lake City dog owner. At some point I realized that dogs can be lot of work. I won’t bore you with the details, but I had just moved to a new city and I made a spur of the moment purchase. Ever made an impulse buy?

I think we all have. Well, I ended up coming home with a 3 month old puppy… and I had NO IDEA how to potty train a puppy or raise a dog properly. When I was a kid we had 2 dogs, and they never stopped barking. Anytime I went to say hi to them they would jump all over me, and when I took them on walks they dragged me down the street. I got sick of that pretty quick and stopped walking them altogether.

I knew I had to learn how to keep my dog happy and healthy so I didn’t end up with another HYPER dog. My eyes were really opened when I began watching dog training shows on TV. I watched several different shows and even met with some professional trainers. I was amazed to hear from all of them that THE #1 REASON so many dogs jump up, bark, and pull on the leash is because they aren’t getting REGULAR excersie.

It seems so obvious now but I truly was surprised to hear that the majority of dogs that live in cities are UNHAPPY. These trainers said that without a 30 minute walk each day my dog would be BORED out of his mind and was DESTINED to start acting like the hyper dogs we had when I was a kid.

Don’t get me wrong, I struggle to schedule time to work with my dog just like you do. Especially if I’ve had a long day at work, and it’s freezing cold outside. The saddest thing is looking over and seeing the look of anticipation on my dog’s face when I walk past the the leashes knowing I don’t have to time to walk him that day.

On the bright side, I can tell you that when he does get his walk I can see an immediate difference in his body language. He is more calm and happy to join me on the couch while I watch TV or check my email.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you. I can’t solve all your dog problems. And I definitely can’t guarantee your dog will never be hyper again. But what I do know is this…


They live for those 30 minutes where they can do what dogs love: explore the world by sniffing everything in sight. I started walking dogs because I truly want every dog in Salt Lake City to get 30 minutes of LIFE each day.

If your schedule won’t allow you to do it, I hope I’m the first person you call.

“Try Before You Buy”

I strongly believe that you should only have to pay me IF I MAKE YOU AND YOUR DOG HAPPIER. If I don’t help you, I can’t very well charge you can I? So before we talk about my different dog walking packages I want you to “Try Before You Buy”. You are free to sign up for any dog walking package I offer with no up front cost to you. We will come out and walk your dog for up to a week.

If you don’t get any value out of the work I do I won’t charge you. Seriously, I don’t even want your money if I can’t help you out. I am 100% serious about this offer. I only want you to pay me if you and your dog are better off because of it.

Where Should You Start?

Once you start seeing the benefits daily exercise brings to your home, you’re going to want to set up a regular walking schedule. The best place to start is with my basic walking package. Or click here if you just need some Pet Sitting. All my packages can be tailored to fit your needs. Whether your dog needs walks everyday or once a week. Whether your dog needs an hour walk or just to be let out to go to the bathroom.

No matter which package you decide on, I’m sure you will find the load off your shoulders refreshing. So take a look at my Dog Walking Packages and then Contact Me.


Ryan G.

P.S. My full time job has been training dogs for the last 5+ years. I’ve worked with hundreds of dogs of all breeds and sizes. If you’d like to check out some reviews of my dog training abilities you can go to our testimonials page or check out some reviews of me online.