Meet Our Dog Trainers


I love being a part of dogs' journeys and helping them and their families communicate with one another to make everyone's lives easier and more enjoyable. I love problem solving behaviors and seeing dogs have their "get it" moment is the best!



I landed my very first paid dog training customer from an ad on craigslist (remember that website?). I was amazed that anyone took me up on my offer for a 2 hour in-home training session because I had very little experience.

The first family I helped had a hyper English Mastiff named Aiden. He was terrorizing the entire house with all 200 lbs of enthusiasm he could muster. I remember leaving that session with my fingers crossed hoping they wouldn't ask for their money back...


I’m fascinated with the balance and nature between the human and canine bond. I love the connection I feel between animals, especially dogs. I can feel the happy chemicals being released in my brain when I’m interacting with animals and I can’t imagine a career without them.

Frequently Asked Training Questions

Yes, we can! It’s one of our favorite things to teach dogs and their humans. We can get you there faster than you might think too! But we will only teach it to you when we feel it’s safe. We will never rush you or your dog into this, we always make it a group decision between you, your trainer, and your dog.

Yes, if your dog is reactive we have training programs to help with that. We recommend scheduling a free consultation or an assessment day if your dog has reactivity issues. We train multiple dogs with reactivity every single day, and we know how to help your dog succeed in this area.

Yes, we are dedicated to helping your dog achieve life long results. That’s why our boarding school programs come with 6 months of follow up sessions (an $1,800 value). We want to ensure you and your dog have the support you need when you need it.

If you follow the simple instructions your trainer gives you then absolutely 100% yes!

We’ll have your puppy potty trained and ready for success in your home, I have no doubt. We will need your help though to maintain those results. 

We include phone and email support for free for the life of your dog. We are here to help you and your dog for life.

For boarding school programs you’ll also get 6 months of follow up sessions should anything come up ($1,800 value).

For all our training programs you always have the option to add 1 on 1 sessions as needed after your dog has finished their 1st training program.

Sure will! Your dog will be trained by the same trainer throughout their program. We have a great team of trainers who can support each other when needed, but your dog will do nearly all of their training sessions with the same person. We find this is less stressful for your dog, for you, and helps us reach your training goals faster.

Yes, we teach dogs to relax calmly in their kennels between social classes and training. Having a dog who can relax around distractions is essential to your dog’s journey.  

When you're ready to take the next step, all you need to do is:

Enroll Your Dog or Puppy For Training at Train Walk Poop Pet Services in Salt Lake City

Train Walk Poop offers professional dog training for pet owners in Salt Lake City. Our professional dog trainers know how dogs learn and don’t waste time with ineffective training techniques that put more pressure on them than necessary. All our trainers have gone through extensive training and education. 

Our training enables your dog to learn new skills that allow him to be more confident in himself and develop more trust with you. Training programs are intensive but fun. We encourage pet owners to be involved in the training process to learn how to train their dogs outside our facilities. You can rest assured you will get the results you are looking for since our trainers are some of the best in the dog training industry. 

For more information about our services, visit us at 3162 S 300 W South Salt Lake, UT 84115. Call 801-613-1364 to book an appointment for dog training classes located in Salt Lake City.