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What Are Dog Training Programs?​

Dog training programs such as ours at Train Walk Poop in Salt Lake City, UT, focus on teaching your dog the skills he needs for more trust and confidence in himself and with you. With such skills, your dog will be ready to handle any situation proudly and responsibly.

The training programs we offer at Train Walk Poop are intensive but fun. Dogs get to learn the appropriate behavior that all owners want and expect, all this while socializing with other dogs and playing fun games. Our programs also include the pet owners as a part of the training so that the dog can continue to practice these behaviors outside of our training facility.

Our Salt Lake City, UT, Dog Obedience Training Programs

This is your chance to send your pup to boarding school! You will drop off your dog with us on Monday morning and pick him back up on Friday afternoon. Every Friday, you will also attend a one hour training session to continue practicing what your dog has learned over the week. You will get report card updates every day, and you can rest assured that your furry friend will be getting all the love, training, and support he needs from our staff.

The training that your dog receives will equate to private lessons. It is professional, 1-on-1 dog training with our specialists. We have four board and train programs available, including:

    • Complete Companion ($4,500) – This is the program for ultimate dog training. With this program being 6 weeks long (4 weeks of boarding school + 2 sessions in your home or in the field), your dog will have plenty of time to maximize their new skills. You will also get a high-quality electronic collar and 2 In Home or Field Trip Sessions. Read More Here

    • Marvelous Mutt  ($3,500) – For this level, dogs are given everything in the boarding school program below, plus off-leash hiking practice! This is a 3-weeks long program that also includes a high-quality electronic collar ($210 value). 

During this course, you and your dog will work with our trainers at our facility on aspects such as reading your dog’s body language, loose leash walking, potty training, crate training, digging, barking, jumping, and acting appropriately around kids, other adults, and other animals.

  • The Hiking Buddy course includes:

    • 8 customized sessions

    • Day training with socializing and obedience training

    • access to your trainer’s cell phone number

    • free email/phone support

    • homework assignments

    • If your dog is 4 1/2 months old or older, this is a great option.

Get Your Dog Off Leash!

Utah is full of great places to hike and camp, and there is nothing better than to bring your dog with you during those excursions. This dog training course will teach your dog to follow you and your commands using very low levels of stimulation through e-collar, treats, praise, and toys.

  • During this 5 day challenge your dog will improve on their most frustrating bad habits! 
  • Drop off your dog for 5 days of focused day training. 

Everything included:

  • 5 days of day training
  • Training leash or collar
  • Free email and phone support after training
  • You’ll also get a personalized video on what was worked on & how to apply it at home
  • 1 hour private session with your trainer on the 5th day of training
  • 1 hour private session the following week



Our Dependable Dog Training Guarantee

  1. Your dog will enjoy the training process. They will love the game of being trained.
  2. YOU will love the training process. You will be surprised your homework is more fun and easier to do than expected.
  3. These new skills will be downloaded in your dog’s mind forever, and you can tap into them whenever you need them.


Our programs are fully customizable and work at your dog’s pace because we know every dog is different. 

We include the training leash or collar that will work best for your dog, so you’ll have what you need from day 1.

Some of the advantages for you and your dog include:

  • Your dog will learn to be well behaved
  • You will learn exactly how to maintain the results at home
  • Forming a closer bond with you
  • Becoming a trustworthy pet anywhere you go
  • Help your dog become their best self

No dog owner should have to choose between their dog’s well-being and their own.

With us as your guide you won’t have to!

We’ll teach you how to train your dog without sacrificing anything on your daily to do list!

For information on training for puppies, please check out our Puppy Training Programs.

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