The Best Dog Training, Daycare & Boarding Facility in South Salt Lake, UT

Whether you have just adopted a new puppy in your family or want your dog to learn some new skills and socialization, the team at Train Walk Poop in South Salt Lake City, UT, can offer the services you need. We can handle both small and large dogs of any breed, so all of your furry friends are welcome here!

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What makes our dog boarding & daycare so different?

If the name did not indicate it to you already, let us explain why our doggie daycare is kind of weird compared to other dog daycare companies in Salt Lake City, Utah. We use a structured daycare style and focus on long-term results. Not only will your dog learn the proper habits and what you, as the owner, expect of him, but you too will learn how to interact with your dog.

Our training services take dog walking, pet care, and playtime to a whole new level. We haven’t had a dog fight since 2019 with our training and boarding strategy, which sadly makes us an anomaly in this industry. We believe this should be the standard for all dog training and boarding kennels. And while no one can promise there will never be a fight we do have a great track record of safety.

When we socialize the dogs in our care, we are very selective to ensure everyone gets along. Small groups are the way to go! We have separate play areas, and our staff members are well-trained to understand the pet care needs of puppies as well as full-grown dogs.

Our Services

Puppy Training

Every puppy needs to learn the ropes, so to speak, when it comes to good habits, where to go to the bathroom, and how to interact with other dogs. At Train Walk Poop, we can handle all of this and more. We even have boot camps designed just for pups.

Dog Training

Dog training programs like ours in Salt Lake City focus on teaching your dog the skills he needs for more trust and confidence. With these abilities, you’ll have a proud companion who can handle any situation confidently!

Boarding & Daycare

If you are looking for a place that provides overnight boarding and training, you have come to the right place. At Train Walk Poop, our overnight stays are intensive for teaching, socializing, and playing. Your furry friend will always be in great hands with our friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Client Testimonials

Our 1-year-old rottweiler Lenny needed to have better manners before we took him out of the country. We are so glad we chose Train Walk Poop to help us out. Lenny spent 3 weeks with Hali and her staff. Hali is an amazing trainer. She is very kind and patient, and you can tell she truly enjoys what she does. Every week she would train us as well, sharing her techniques so we could practice with him. Lenny has improved greatly! We are happier dog owners and I think Lenny is happier as well. If you are looking for a place to get your dog trained, this is it!!! I would definitely use their services again!
Jason Aguiar
Jason Aguiar
21:28 16 Sep 22
We used Train Walk Poop for the first time for boarding and training for our dog while we were on vacation, and had a fantastic experience. The staff was so caring, kind and helpful and the trainer Hali did a great job helping to socialize our dog. She can be reactive with other dogs and they were so patient with her, introducing her to submissive dogs and letting her take things at her speed. We got an hour with Hali upon our return, learning everything she was taught so we can keep practicing. They even noticed our dog's quirks and adjusted quickly to them, like adding wet food when she was being picky with her dry food, and putting salve on her paws when it was hot outside. We were able to communicate via text and got report cards and pictures each day of training which was so great. I can't recommend Train Walk Poop enough, our dog was in such good hands with them. We will definitely bring her back for our next trip. Ever since her time in training, she's been a much better listener and has been so good at ignoring other dogs - we are so happy with her progress!
Julie Singh
Julie Singh
22:03 10 Sep 22
We have left our dogs here on numerous occasions and have always been satisfied. Our dogs (shown below) are always so happy when they return from here. The staff and owner are also great people who are very accommodating. Highly recommend to any dog owner.
Aiden Pasinsky
Aiden Pasinsky
14:16 09 Aug 22
So friendly and knowledgeable about the breeds that they handle as well as practical Solutions of how to handle certain situations and said breeds! The stuff is firm knowledgeable as well as extremely friendly!
05:08 07 Aug 22
My puppy Stitch went through a 4 week board-train program and I still currently actively go there for all my boarding/day care and training needs. They really do an amazing job in helping your dog reach their full potential! I had Lauran as one of the main trainers working with Stitch! She’s very genuine and intelligent, answering any questions that came up! Definitely recommend her for dog training! Stitch always had trouble during walks and would constantly pull me in all directions. Now she happily walks and chills with me outside. The whole staff is also amazing, very homey vibe ti them and I feel like that actually listen to you.
Marlon-Jay Blue
Marlon-Jay Blue
22:54 03 Aug 22
Great customer service! We were not able to utilize their services (unfortunately) however they helped us immensely
14:04 16 Jul 22
I started bringing my dog, Ruckus, here when he was about 4 months old and can't imagine what life would be like without the help of TWP. The staff is extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend them for everything from training to daycare to boarding!
Tai Roach
Tai Roach
02:05 08 Jul 22
I have been bringing my puppy Gus to TWP for close to 8 months. I was a lost new dog owner and was nearing my wits end. I was able to enroll him in their puppy scholar program and it was a lifesaver! Hali has been so patient and helpful. We’ve transitioned now to daycare and he loves being able to come in and play with his friends. He loves his adventure days. I know he’s in good hands with Lauren, Jayna, and Raechel and everyone else!
Erin Gordon
Erin Gordon
00:12 11 Jun 22
So glad we found TWP, the best dog training place ever! Our trainer Halie… is the absolute best dog trainer ever!! She has helped our puppy Koda become such a well behaved and calm dog!! So thankful for Halie and for TWP!! Thank you!!
Heidi Jo
Heidi Jo
21:50 20 May 22
We brought Phoebe to TWP for their 3 week board and train program. She’s a big girl and reactive with some dogs, mostly while on leash. Hali has done an amazing job with her and we’ve been meeting weekly for follow up sessions which are included in the original training fees, as was the ecollar, Starmark collar and training leash. Hali even brings her own dogs to work with Phoebe which has been so helpful. Half the battle of working with dogs is training the parents/ owners. Hali is very thorough and encouraging offering her insight and patience. Some people just “get” dogs. She’s one of them. Thanks Hali and Train Walk Poop! Phoebe will be in for boarding soon.
Hilary Rein
Hilary Rein
16:54 24 Mar 22
I rescued my dog Gibson a little over a month ago. He's about two years and has so much energy. He wasn't really socialized and didn't have a lot of experience walking on a leash. After a few daycare sessions and some behavioral training sessions with Hali, Gibson has made some major improvements! We will continue going to Train Walk Poop for daycare!
Mckenna Hyman
Mckenna Hyman
01:48 17 Feb 22
Amazing, amazing experience with Train Walk Poop! Finding the right daycare/boarding for my reactive dogs can be difficult and they are thriving here! The staff always provides updates on their progress and my dogs love everyone. Not to mention that the staff is unbelievable and always willing to assist a solo mom with a baby by helping take my dogs to my car. I’m grateful each day that I found this place!
Kylie Naylor
Kylie Naylor
14:36 28 Dec 21
Finding the right dog boarding care was very important to us as we know not all facilities are safe, clean and careful with pet interactions. It was great to learn that TWP not only provides structure but also assessed her behaviors during her stay and respected her needs. Our pup was very calm and relaxed when she returned from day care. We appreciated the report card and feedback from her stay. We will definitely use their services again and we’re delighted to see the care and expertise that went towards her stay. 💜🐕💜
Kim Russell
Kim Russell
02:27 18 Nov 21
We did a series of 6 training sessions with Hali. The sessions made a big difference and shored up the training we did at home. Our dog now walks wonderfully on a loose leash and is much better behaved at home (not jumping up on furniture and better impulse control). The structured daycare that is included with each lesson is so helpful for reinforcing the training. Hali was fantastic. Very patient with our dog (and me), and truly cared about our dog. Also liked that the front reception area is very clean and quiet so dogs don't get riled up as they're dropped off. Highly recommend TWP!
Gigi Parke
Gigi Parke
18:53 22 Sep 21
Friendly staff who are great with dogs. Our puppy loves it
Brooke Doner
Brooke Doner
00:43 21 Aug 21
They did a great job watching both of our border collies, for the day.. even our shy shared little border. Thanks you guys
Marshall Stevens
Marshall Stevens
00:33 19 May 21
“Boby Can’t Wait To Meet All His Friends…”
“We love Mason's dog club! Boby can’t wait to meet all his friends. I receive updates and photos every day when I work long days. I’m very thankful to their devoted staff for loving and taking care of my Boby as if he was their own.”
Anne Houston, Sep 5, 2020
“My Dogs Are Always Happy To Return”
“Amazing staff and a beautiful facility. We can always trust that Bella and Molly are treated with great care. My dogs are always happy to return and meet their friends while I’m busy. Highly recommended.”
Krista Harris, Sep 6, 2020
We absolutely love Mason's dog club!
"Our dog has been going there for the last 8 months and we are extremely happy. Traci is an amazing groomer. She always makes my dog look so cute! I can’t thank Mason's dog club team enough."
Oliver Gibson, Sep 8, 2020

Meet Our Team

Our team members really bond with the pets they are entrusted to care for. I am confident that after a few visits with us your dog will start to think of our pet care team as part of the family. We see it time and time again! After all, it’s the emotional connection that we have with your dogs that matters the most.


The Team

We can’t wait for you to get to know our passionate group of trainers and daycare staff. We train them over several months to ensure they can teach dogs of all different ages, sizes, and play styles to socialize safely.

Get to know our team by going here:

Employee Bios


Ryan Gwilliam

People often ask me, “how did you get started working with dogs?”. To which I answer, “I got a dog”. And that’s the truth, I got a Pit Bull puppy on a whim, and I had no idea how to raise him.

I started watching dog training shows on tv, going to dog training workshops, reading dog related books and scientific studies and buying every dog training dvd I could get my hands on. Thanks to all my studying and hard work with my own dog, my friends and family soon took notice of my passion and ability with dogs.


Lorie Mair

Lorie has had dogs her entire life. Something about their happy, playful nature and noble hearts has always made her love dogs. In December of 2014, Lorie was looking for a new challenge when she saw an opening with Train Walk Poop. She applied, and her search blossomed into a new passion. She loves what she does, and has a lot of fun with it. Her dependability shows, as she can be counted on to always do a great job.

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Request a call from our friendly trainers to discuss special needs for your pup, the ages and breeds of the dogs we train, and much more.

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