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Are You Chasing Your Dog? Getting Pulled Or Jumped On?

We fix these problems. First we’ll train your dog, then we’ll train you.


Puppy Training

We offer group classes, one on one sessions and Boot Camps specifically designed for puppies.

Dog Training

We offer group classes, one on one sessions and Boot Camps specifically designed for adolescent and adult dogs.

Boarding & Daycare

Your dog will learn basic leash skills and to play appropriately with dogs of all ages and temperaments.

Dog Walking

You’ll get GPS tracking of every walk including a note from your dog walker that automatically gets emailed to you.

We’re Kind Of Weird Compared to Most Utah Dog Daycares & Boarding Services

If the name Train Walk Poop didn’t make that obvious enough, I hope to explain how our weirdness benefits you and your dog.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

-Has your dog ever been kicked out of another daycare or had an incident? We accept dogs that get kicked out of other daycares. Thanks to our weirdness, we’re able to help dogs that no one else can! 

-Your dog won’t have interruptions during social class hours because we have strict drop off and pick up hours. This will greatly reduces stress and anxiety for your dog each day and will increase the learning and fun!

-Your dog’s safety is our #1 priority. In an industry where dog fights and Emergency Vet visits are often a weekly occurence, I can proudly say that we haven’t had a dog fight since 2019. There are no guarantees, but we have an amazing track record of keeping dogs safe while in our care.

-Your dog will be in class with 1 staff member for every 5-15 dogs in class. The industry average is probably between 20-30 dogs.

-Your dog is being cared for by a highly trained, dog lover! Our new hires are in training for 3-6 months before being able to lead a social class. Compare that to the industry average of a few days or weeks.

-Your dog will learn to respect doors and gates, no swarming allowed! This allows dogs and people to enter and exit our social rooms calmly (this is a common time time for dogs to get really excited and they end up bumping into each other a lot or trying to sneak out the gates). We will take our time with your dog to ensure polite, safe behavior is the norm.

-Your dog gets to learn at their own pace! We don’t let dogs swarm, hump, smash into or otherwise bully each other.

-Your dog will be put into a social group based on size (for safety reasons, 15 lbs dogs should not be in a group with 50 lbs dogs).

-Your dog will be put into a social group based on temperament (puppies/energetic dogs annoy the heck out of older dogs and dogs who like to chill with their friends, not party).

I’ve worked with the staff members of many other dog daycares and they have great people. They love the dogs they care for but unfortunately they don’t have the tools or ability to run things the way we do.

Many of our staff members have worked at a more typical daycare and they are always amazed at how different the energy in our building is.

On their first day, they say things like:

“Wow, the dogs are so calm and polite!”

“I always wished I could help dogs that were struggling in class but I couldn’t.”

“There were too many dogs and not enough rules. It made my job very frustrating at times.”

“The barking all day was intense! I love working here because it’s quieter and the dogs learn to relax in their kennels between classes.”

At Train Walk Poop we have the benefit of our strict schedule, training tools, highly trained employees, and fewer dogs per staff member.

I hope someday, our way of socializing and caring for dogs will become the standard. Until then I take pride in the wonderful work my team does everyday to improve the lives of dogs by helping them gain social confidence!

See you soon,

Ryan Gwilliam

Meet Our Team In Salt Lake City

Our team members really bond with the pets they are entrusted to care for. I am confident that after a few visits with us your dog will start to think of our pet care team as part of the family. We see it time and time again! After all, it’s the emotional connection that we have with your dogs that matters the most.


The Team

We can’t wait for you to get to know our passionate group of trainers and daycare staff. We train them over several months to ensure they can teach dogs of all different ages, sizes, and play styles to socialize safely.


Ryan Gwilliam

People often ask me, “how did you get started working with dogs?”. To which I answer, “I got a dog”. And that’s the truth, I got a Pit Bull puppy on a whim, and I had no idea how to raise him.

I started watching The Dog Whisperer on tv, going to dog training workshops, reading dog related books and scientific studies and buying every dog training dvd I could get my hands on. Thanks to all my studying and hard work with my own dog, my friends and family soon took notice of my passion and ability with dogs.


Lorie Mair

Lorie has had dogs her entire life. Something about their happy, playful nature and noble hearts has always made her love dogs. In December of 2014, Lorie was looking for a new challenge when she saw an opening with Train Walk Poop. She applied, and her search blossomed into a new passion. She loves what she does, and has a lot of fun with it. Her dependability shows, as she can be counted on to always do a great job.


My dog just got back from a day board and train. She is remarkably changed for the better. She went from a wild, 6-month old puppy to a calm dog who just awaits instructions. I am still trying to wrap my head around how this is possible. Don’t hesitate to use this service.

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