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Dog Boarding & Daycare in South Salt Lake City, UT

Whether you are going out of town for a few days and can’t take your furry friends or you simply want a place for your pet to socialize with other dogs while you are at work, Train Walk Poop in Salt Lake City, UT, has the services you need.

Our locally owned doggy daycare holds the highest possible standards for keeping your pets safe at our boarding facility and working on training techniques to teach your dog. We offer dog daycare and boarding facility in Salt Lake City, UT, that is sure to meet and exceed your expectations for the typical doggie daycare.

The team at Train Walk Poop is highly trained and committed to ensuring that your dog has the best possible experience with us and with other dogs in our care. We are unique in our approach because we focus on socializing in a very structured manner. If you are interested in our boarding and daycare options, contact us or request a call.

What Is Dog Daycare?

Dog daycare is an opportunity for dogs to socialize, continue their obedience training, and enjoy spending some time out of the house without the presence of their owners. At Train Walk Poop, we have three different tiers of daycare options for your dogs, including:

Our highest tier offers everything from the other two plus the opportunity for daycare 7 days a week. (extended drop off/pick up hours are for Mon-Fri only)

This tier gets you everything from the Socialites plus 1 daily Deluxe training session, 1 Adventure Day per month, and extended times for drop off and pick up, Monday-Friday.

This tier has unlimited daycare Monday through Friday, 5% off boarding (if needed), a monthly bath and brush out, and no daycare fee on the day you pick up when boarding.

In our Deluxe sessions, our staff will work with your dog 1-on-1 for 10-15 minutes per session for additional enrichment during their day doing activities such as walking on a leash, trick training, and more.

The regular routine for daycare is morning social time from 9 am to 12 pm and afternoon social from 1 pm to 4 pm. Outside of those hours, the dogs are given rest in their kennels with frequent potty breaks. Be sure to ask about our daycare passes if you only need one day of care or multiple throughout the month.

This service is in addition to a regular daycare pass or boarding reservation. You have 2 options:

  • $30 per day for 2 sessions

  • $17 per day for 1 session

What Are Dog Boarding Services?

Dog boarding, also known as overnight stays, allows you to drop off your dogs at our boarding facility, and we will take care of all of their needs while you are away. We make sure that your pet is fed (two meals each day and a third if needed), has plenty of water, gets lots of love and attention from our trainers, and has the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, according to size, breed and play style. Our team is also highly trained, and we are perfectly comfortable administering medication if needed.

When your dog boards with us, we have everything you would expect to provide for your pet. The only thing we ask that you bring along with your dog is his food and shot records. Other than that, we have blankets, beds, cots, and LOTS of toys! They will also get tons of love and affection from our caring staff, who are all well-trained dog lovers.

Boarding with Train Walk Poop in Salt Lake City is like a vacation for your pet. They get time to exercise, play with other puppies & work on training skills and socialization.

Overnight Boarding – $55/night per dog

We highly recommend your dogs attend at least one day of daycare before their first boarding stay. This allows us to build trust with each dog before they stay overnight.

Benefits of Overnight Boarding and Dog Daycare with Train Walk Poop in Salt Lake City, UT

At Train Walk Poop, our team is unlike other dog daycare centers. We are happy to accept all types and sizes of dogs, even those who have been kicked out of other training programs. We focus on socialization, and we will never put your dog outside of his comfort zone. If he wants to play and wrestle, we let him. If he wants to be left alone, we make sure he gets what he wants.

One of the most important aspects of daycare and boarding for our team at Train Walk Poop in Salt Lake City, UT, is safety. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have not had any dog fights during interaction time since 2019, unlike other facilities, which frequently have fights resulting in trips to the veterinarian on a weekly basis!

For dog owners looking for well-trained and highly qualified doggy daycare and boarding in the Salt Lake City area, you can end your search with Train Walk Poop.

Daycare Passes​

$50 for a 1 day pass
$170 for a 5 day pass
$320 for a 10 day pass
$550 for a 20 pass

* Passes do not expire.

** Daycare services not available on weekends or holidays. Schedule a call today for more information. 

Contact Our Doggie Daycare & Boarding Specialists in Salt Lake City, UT

At Train Walk Poop, we know that it can be challenging to leave your pet for any length of time. When it cannot be avoided (such as a business trip, vacation, or other circumstances), you need to entrust your pooch to trainers who truly care and love dogs as much as you love your furry family member. The staff at Train Walk Poop will treat your furry friends as one of their own.

Our team goes through extensive training for over 3 months (unlike other facilities) to ensure that we know exactly what dogs need and how to keep them in our care safe. We have the education, skills, and certifications to provide your dog with care, attention, and training during the day and a peaceful place to rest overnight.

To learn more about our services, such as dog training or walking, contact Train Walk Poop to request a call. We are happy to give you all the details you need and show you why we are not only the best value but also the best facility in the area.

*We do not accept unaltered dogs over the age of 1 for daycare or boarding. We do accept them for dog training however.

*We use a variety of training tools for all dogs in our care. For more info please read the service agreement when you register and you can learn more by filling out this form. We’re always available by phone if you have further questions.

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