Ryan's Doggie Olympics Showdown – A Trainer's Tale

A Dog Trainer's Adventure

Hey there, fellow dog lovers! I’m Ryan, and I’ve got an exciting tale to share. 

It all happened on National and International Dog Day when we decided to put our dogs to the test.

 I was invited by Rebel and Miles from ABC4 Utah to join in the adventure.

Our mission? To find out just how well these pups had picked up on their training after a few months. The stage was set, and it was time to see what they were made of.

The Nose Test Challenge

We kicked things off with a classic – the nose test. We hid treats and watched as eager noses led to a thrilling competition. Rebel, a true nose pro, found her treat in record time. But my buddy Miles needed a little treat incentive. Hey, we all have our moments!

Testing Self-Control

Next, we decided to test their self-control by placing treats on their backs. Would they resist the temptation? Both Rebel and Miles proved their self-control superpowers. No treat-grabbing here!

Getting Around the Dog Challenge

We decided to up the ante with a “get around the dog” challenge. Could we walk around them without making them move? To our surprise, Rebel and Miles aced it with finesse. They were like statues – impressive, right?

The Grand Finale and Tie-Breaker

For the grand finale, we had a challenge to see who could get their dog to come and sit in front of their owner first. Both dogs aced this challenge. But we needed a tie-breaker, and Miles clinched it. He showed us how fast he could sit down and stand back up.

Miles’s Incredible Trick

But the showstopper of the day was Miles’s incredible trick. He could take treats gently from our hands without jumping or grabbing. It was a true testament to his training and patience.

In the end, it was a day filled with thrilling challenges and impressive tricks. Our stars of the show, Rebel and Miles, made us all proud.