A Dirty Little Secret: Dog Trainers' Dogs Are Naughty Too (My Dog's Taco Addiction)

Why Dog Trainers' Dogs Misbehave:

When I first got Batman, I adopted him from a great foster group called cause.org. He was a wild man, and I lived near a Taco Cart that he absolutely loved. He would sometimes run out the front door and head straight for the taco cart, leaving me embarrassed and chasing after him in my dog trainer shirt.

This story serves as a reminder that even dog trainers’ dogs can have their bad habits. No dog is perfect, and every dog has its own unique “Kryptonite” – that one thing they just can’t resist doing, no matter how well-trained they are.

As a dog trainer, I’ve learned to embrace these traits and accept that no dog will ever be 100% obedient all the time. It’s essential to focus on the 95% of the time when they are well-trained and listen to commands. For that 5% when they might act up, it’s crucial to address it and work on any problem areas.

Having a dog is much like being a parent; there will be ups and downs, good days, and challenging days. It’s essential to be patient and understanding, both with your dog and with yourself as a dog owner. 

Remember that progress is a journey, and training is an ongoing process.

At Train Walk Poop, we’re here to help you with your dog’s training for life. While some dogs may require only a few sessions to learn and maintain good behavior, others may benefit from periodic check-ins and refresher sessions. It’s all about providing the necessary support to help your dog thrive.

We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your dog’s journey and to build lasting friendships with both dogs and their owners. 

So, whether your dog is a little naughty or facing specific training challenges, we’re here to assist and ensure that you and your dogs have the best possible relationship.

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