Your Dog is So Awesome: Achieve Great Results with Just 10% Effort

The 10% Rule for Dog Success

Have you ever wondered how dogs seem to grasp training so effortlessly?

Well, let me share a fascinating fact about our dogs that sets them apart from learning other skills like playing an instrument or mastering a sport.

When you engage with a skilled dog trainer or enroll your dog in a boarding school program, you are essentially tapping into their expertise and knowledge. This is where the magic happens.

A good dog trainer can take on 90% of the work and create lasting results for your beloved pet.

Here’s the beauty of it: while you, the owner, need to dedicate around 10% of the effort, you still reap the rewards of a well-behaved and obedient dog. The remaining 90% is skillfully handled by the trainer, who employs the right timing, consistency, and training methods to unlock your dog’s potential.

Imagine if learning the guitar was the same! Your guitar teacher might say, “I’ll do 90% of the playing for you, and as long as you give me your 10% effort, you’ll be a guitar virtuoso!” Alas, it doesn’t work that way with musical instruments or most other skills.

Dogs are exceptional creatures. They possess an innate willingness to please their owners, and with the guidance of a professional trainer, they can easily learn new behaviors and commands.

The trainer can “download” the right software into your dog’s mind, and it will stay there, waiting for you to maintain and reinforce the training.

Of course, your role as the owner is essential. You need to commit to that 10% effort: practicing what you’ve learned, maintaining the right mindset, and reinforcing the habits your trainer instilled in your dog. By doing so, you’ll experience the full 100% benefit of the training program.

The best part is that even if life gets busy, and you can only manage a fraction of the training time, your dog will still excel because of the solid foundation laid by the trainer. Dogs are forgiving and malleable, making it possible to see significant results even with minimal owner input.

So, while we always encourage our customers to stay dedicated to the training process, it’s truly amazing how dogs make us look good by embodying the skills we teach them. Their willingness to learn and please their owners is what makes the training journey so rewarding and enjoyable.

In conclusion, training your dog is a unique and incredible experience. With just 10% of the effort on your part, you can witness your dog’s transformation into a well-behaved and happy companion for life.

Dogs truly are extraordinary creatures, and we are fortunate to share our lives with them.

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