Teach your Dog to Love 'Hit My Treat Button' for Reliable Recall

Train your dog to eagerly come when called

“Come Hit My Treat Button” is a fun exercise to teach your dog to love coming when called and respond eagerly to their name. 

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Hold Treats: Hold some treats in your hand, using the bottom two fingers to secure them and keeping the top two fingers free as the “treat button.”


  1. Be Playful: Be like a playful squirrel and move away from your dog, enticing them to chase you. Avoid moving your hand towards the dog; always keep it moving away to encourage them to follow.


  1. Nose Touch: As your dog catches up to your hand, they will instinctively touch their nose to your hand (the treat button). When they do this, reward them with a treat from your other hand immediately.


  1. Repeat: Continue to move away from your dog, encouraging them to come to you and touch their nose to the treat button. Every time they do it, reward them with a treat and praise.


  1. Practice and Repetition: Practice this exercise multiple times with your dog. Make it a fun and engaging game for them. Use their name when calling them to reinforce their association with it and coming to you.


  1. Challenge Your Dog: As your dog becomes more proficient, you can increase the distance or add distractions to the exercise. Encourage them to chase you and come when called even in more challenging environments.


  1. Use a Leash if Needed: For young pups or dogs that may get easily distracted, you can use a leash to guide them towards you during the initial training sessions. However, the goal is for them to respond without needing the leash.


  1. Keep It Fun: Remember to keep the exercise fun and engaging for your dog. Use positive reinforcement, treats, and lots of praise to motivate them to come when called.


By consistently practicing this exercise, your dog will build a strong foundation for a reliable recall and happily respond when you call their name.

Enjoy the process and have fun with your dogs!

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