When Your Dog Tests Patience: What to Do

Does Your Dog Push Your Buttons?

Ever feel like your dog is deliberately pushing your buttons? 

You’ve poured so much time, love, and energy into them, so when they do things they know they shouldn’t, the frustration hits harder.

But let’s imagine a scenario for a second: You’re thrown into a complex board game you’ve never played before. Everyone else is moving pieces, taking turns, scoring points, while you…you’re lost. 

You have no clue about the rules, you feel left behind, and utterly confused. Frustrating, right?

That’s how your dog feels.

See, it’s not that they’re willfully disobeying you, but more so that their understanding of the rules is completely different from yours. This disconnect is what causes the majority of the issues I see between dogs and their owners.

Here’s the good news: We’ve been there, done that, and we know exactly how to help you bridge this gap.

Our proven dog training methods will help you and your dog start playing by the same rules! 

We’ll help your dog understand these rules perfectly. And more importantly, we’ll help you understand your dog’s needs better too (they’re simpler than you think), to prevent any more lost-in-translation moments.

Sound like a game changer? Because it is.

For a limited time, we’re offering a Free Training Session where we’ll help your dog understand the rules the way you understand them. It’s time to go from disconnected to best buds!

Your dog doesn’t really want to push your buttons – let’s give them the clarity they need.

Unleash your dog’s potential with expert dog training in South Salt Lake, Utah.

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