Worry-Free Time Away: Enjoying Breaks from Dog Care

Enjoy time away without worrying about your dog

Do you worry about your dog’s separation anxiety every time you leave the house? I know first hand how that can ruin a night out. 

When I first started training dogs, I would often have customers’ dogs at my house. I would kennel them for the evening and go out to dinner or a movie and constantly have my night interrupted stressful thoughts. 

Thoughts would pop into my head like:

“I hope the dogs are relaxing”

“I hope they aren’t barking or pacing nervously in the kennel”

“I hope that Husky isn’t trying to break out of his kennel again”

I’ve come home to dogs who have absolutely destroyed their dog beds (pro tip: don’t put bedding in the crate). I had to learn this lesson the hard way several times.

After losing several expensive dog beds to my first foster dog, a Pit Bull named Toa, because he was extremely good at giving “the look”. I swore off bedding in crates forever!

Aaaaand then I met Lucy, a sweet Pit/Heeler mix, and I got fooled again. I’ve repeated this mistake off and on my whole career, but I’m proud to say I’ve been clean for the last 5 years. I’ll do my best to keep the streak alive but no promises.

I’ve also come home to a dog who broke out of the kennel and began to destroy my house. He shredded several books, ate part of the couch, and knocked some dishes off the counter. When we walked in the door, the look on his face was like “oh thank god you’re home! I’ve been aggressively coping with my separation anxiety all over your house”.

The look of relief on his face was too priceless not to laugh at. I invested in a stronger kennel for that dog and it never happened again. In fact, he learned to relax and enjoy his new “safe space” to chew on a bone while I was away.

All the lessons dogs have taught me helped me form our Complete Companion Boarding School Program – the perfect fit for dogs with separation anxiety!

It’s our longest and most comprehensive program. It’s designed to give your dog the extra time they need to regain emotional balance.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Book your dates during a phone call with us.

  2. During training we will will customize each session to your dog’s needs. 

  3. Your trainer will show you exactly what you need to do to maintain your dog’s good behavior at home.

  4. We include 6 months of unlimited follow up training sessions with this program. You are guaranteed to have the support you need.

Separation anxiety is a tricky thing to deal with because it is kind of like a snowball rolling down a hill. It gains momentum and tends to grow and get worse as it rolls down the hill.

Each day your dog’s anxiety goes unaddressed, the anxiety snowball keeps rolling and growing, becoming harder to stop. The sooner your dog starts training the sooner we can start melting that anxiety away! 

Our trainers will diagnose the root cause of your dog’s anxiety and get to work fixing it on day 1. Our expertise comes from dealing with hundreds of dogs with separation anxiety over the years. We’ve learned what approaches and training techniques work with different dogs. This is what helps us apply just the right training approach each day to help your dog progress quickly.

My team at the dog boarding and training facility in Salt Lake City has successfully helped so many dogs overcome severe separation anxiety that I can confidently say your dog is a dog we can help. 

Ready to transform your dog’s life? Reply to this email with “I’m ready,” and we’ll schedule a time to chat on the phone together.

Let’s team up to melt away that anxiety so you can leave the house knowing your dog is relaxing at home anxiety free.

Your Friend with Treat Filled Pockets,

Ryan Gwilliam

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P.S.S. When you’re ready to take the 1st step, all you need to do is tell us about your dog.

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