Overcoming Guilt: Kenneling Your Dog Explained

Feeling Guilty About Kenneling Your Dog? You Are Not Alone.

As you head out the door for work, you catch a glimpse of your dog looking up at you with the saddest eyes as you close the kennel door. It’s a heart-wrenching moment that maybe you can relate to. It can leave you questioning whether you’re making the right decision by kenneling your dog.

But here’s the thing: kenneling is actually a crucial step towards a better life for your pup. It provides them with a safe place that prevents bad habits, separation anxiety, and other behavioral issues. 

And it can give you peace of mind while you’re away, knowing that your dog is safe and practicing the only thing they should be doing….. RELAXING.

Think of it as a test your dog needs to pass before moving on to the next level! Freedom to lounge on the couch and sunbathe on the patio comes quickly to dogs who pass the kennel test

Remember: kenneling your dog while you’re away is a critical step to a better life! 

Here are some of the reasons we love using kennels:

  1. They keep your dog safe.
  2. They teach relaxation when you are away. Dogs who run free in the house and yard before they learn this lesson suffer from increased separation anxiety not less.
  3. They can’t break house rules and form bad habits while you’re away. Need I say more?
  4. Peace of mind while you’re gone. You know for sure what your dog is doing and where they will be when you get home.

With the right approach you’ll be amazed how quickly your dog relaxes in the kennel. Well rested dogs train up fast! 

We regularly introduce dogs who have never been in a kennel at Train Walk Poop, and we teach dogs who we are told “hate” the crate at home to relax and even ENJOY it for the first time almost daily. 

We understand the importance of teaching dogs to feel comfortable and relaxed in their kennels during their comprehensive boot camp experience in Salt Lake City. By providing a safe space for them to rest and recharge between social classes, and training sessions, we help them develop a sense of security and familiarity. To get started to our dog behavior training program, the first step is to tell us about your dog. 

I hope I helped you understand your dog’s world a little better today.

Your Friend,

Ryan Gwilliam

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