Calm Dog Companions: How to Manage Your Dog's Excitement When Guests Come Over

Managing Your Dog's Excitement When Guests Come Over: Proven Strategies

Do you ever find your dog barking, jumping, or getting overly excited when guests come over?

It can feel like things are spiraling out of control. But don’t worry, I’m here to help!

Handling the Excitement:

Start with a Leash: When you open the door, keep your dog on a short leash. This prevents them from jumping or barking at your guests right away.

Create Space: If your dog gets too excited, create some space between them and your guests. Invite your guests to sit down while you keep your dog on the opposite side of you.

Teach Simultaneously: This separation allows both your dog and the guests to calm down. It’s often excitement that triggers the dog’s behavior, so this helps everyone to think and settle.

Gradual Freedom: After some time, drop the leash as an opportunity for your dog to make good decisions. If your dog behaves well, they can interact with the guests. If not, you can use the leash to keep them under control.

Dealing with Overly Excited Dogs:

For dogs that get extremely excited, I suggest taking more drastic measures.

Use a Kennel or Bedroom:  Place your dog in a kennel or a bedroom until they calm down and relax. Close the door and wait until your dog settles.

Discourage Scratching: If your dog scratches at the door, open it and gently move into them to create some space. If they scratch again, repeat the process. This teaches them to stop the behavior.

Monitor Progress: Listen to your dog’s behavior. If they continue to struggle after a few attempts, consider using the kennel for more extended periods.

Gradual Freedom is the Key:

Gradually give your dog more freedom as they learn to behave. It allows your dog to work through their issues with your support.

When to Go Leash-Free:

You’ll know it’s time to let your dog off the leash when you can trust them to behave without it. When they respond well to verbal commands and don’t need the leash as backup, they’re ready to be leash-free.

Remember, every dog is different, and patience is key. My methods have helped many dogs improve their behavior.

So, if your dog needs help with various issues, consider giving us a visit. 

With these simple but effective tips, you can manage your dog’s excitement and make visits from guests a more pleasant experience for everyone.

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