Mastering Puppy Potty Training: Tips for a Clean Start

Puppy Potty Training

Today we’re diving into the world of puppy potty training.

I will guide you through the do’s and don’ts of this essential training process. 

  1. Consistency is Key

The most important thing in potty training your puppy is to be consistent. Make sure someone is always keeping an eye on your dog. Dogs need a routine to understand what’s expected of them.

  1. No Nose-Rubbing, Please

Forget the old-school idea of rubbing your puppy’s nose in their accidents. It doesn’t work and can make them scared of you. Puppies need positive reinforcement, not punishment.

  1. Skip the Treats

While treats are great for training in general, they’re not ideal for potty training. Keep it simple with verbal praise like “good boy” and a pat on the back. You want them to associate going outside with a positive experience, not just treats.

  1. Supervision

Don’t underestimate the power of a crate or kennel. Use it to keep your puppy supervised when you can’t watch them closely. For every month of their age, they can spend an hour there.

  1. Leash Training

When taking your puppy out of the kennel, have them on a leash. It’s easier to guide them and prevent accidents. Interrupt any accidents calmly, guide them outside, and be their best friend immediately after.

  1. Extend Time Between Breaks

As your puppy gets older and has fewer accidents, you can extend the time between potty breaks. This helps them learn to hold it until they’re outside.

Remember, potty training is a process, and accidents will happen. Be patient and stay positive. 

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