Puppy Potty Training: Bell Ringing Technique

Teach Your Puppy to Ring a Bell for Potty Training

Tired of guessing when your puppy needs to go potty? Learn how to train your puppy to ring a bell to signal when it’s time to go outside. It’s simple, rewarding, and keeps your floors clean!

Step 1: Bell and Treat Introduction

Show the bell and offer treats. Associate the bell with positivity and rewards.

Step 2: Bell Touch Training

Wait for curiosity to make your puppy touch the bell. Reward them instantly. Bell sound = treat.

Step 3: Encourage Bell Ringing

Praise and treat when your puppy rings the bell willingly. Reinforce the behavior.

Step 4: Transition to Outdoor Bell

Hang the bell near the door. Have your puppy ring it before going outside.

Step 5: Reinforce the Habit

Be consistent. Make bell ringing a routine before potty breaks. Gradually reduce treat rewards.

With patience and consistency, your puppy will master bell ringing for potty time. Say goodbye to accidents and enjoy a well-trained puppy companion.

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