Enhance Your Dog's Obedience with Eye Contact Training

The Importance of Eye Contact in Dog Training


Have you ever wondered how to train your dog effectively? I will share some valuable insights on dog training. One key takeaway was the significance of eye contact in teaching your dog to follow commands.

The Basics of Dog Training:

Many dogs tend to get overly excited when treats come into play. They might start jumping, pawing, or performing all their tricks at once. So, to make your dog a well-behaved companion, you need to start with the basics – eye contact.

The Power of Eye Contact:

Why is eye contact so crucial in dog training? By teaching your dog to look into your eyes before anything else, you establish a strong connection. This means that when you give a command like “sit” or “down,” they’ll be more likely to listen.

How to Teach Eye Contact:

To teach your dog to make eye contact, I suggest the following steps:

  1. Hold still and stare at a spot on the floor.
  2. When your dog looks into your eyes, say “yes” and reward them with a treat.

Avoid holding treats in your hand while teaching this, as it can cause your dog to focus on your hand rather than your eyes.

Benefits of Eye Contact:

Eye contact not only makes your dog more attentive but also helps them pay attention to your hand signals, facial expressions, and verbal cues. This can lead to a more well-behaved and focused pet.

If your dog is prone to jumping or demanding attention in unwanted ways, teaching them the power of eye contact can be a game-changer. It’s a simple yet effective technique that can help you and your dog build a stronger bond and a harmonious relationship.

Remember, dog training is all about patience and consistency. 

So, give it a try, and you might be amazed at how well your dog responds to your commands with just a little eye contact!

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