Revealing the Truth About Dog Training

The Real Truth About Dog Training

The world of dogs is a quirky place. As you probably know, dog training is steeped in theories and tools, each claiming to be the Holy Grail. But here’s the truth…

Your dog is not some lab rat to be tinkered with through clicker training and treats until they become flawless. Nor are they soldiers, who say “how high?” after commanding them to jump.

No, they are more than that. They are family members navigating the ebbs and flows of life, sometimes stumbling along the way.

You see, in the 15+ years since my venture into dog training began, there’s been a paradigm shift.

The pet service industry has matured and the best trainers – those with a burning passion, unwavering dedication, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge – are focused on one question:

“What does this dog need from me, right here, right now?”

The world is full of distractions: – 

  • buzzing phones

  • glitzy cars

  • viral tweets

  • …and breaking news. 

They are all screaming for our attention.

But, when I am with a dog, engrossed in training, the world falls away. This connection, this complete immersion in the present, is not just addictive, it’s transformative.

I was speaking with Hali, one of our trainers, who told me she experiences something similar. We are all spellbound by the magic that unfolds when human and canine hearts connect. And we want to share this euphoria with YOU.

In the ongoing dog training renaissance, my team and I are at the forefront, continually improving ourselves with innovative techniques from the world’s leading dog trainers. We channel this expertise into customized training sessions that empower each dog to triumph in life.

We call this revolutionary approach, The Emotional Support Human Revolution™. Or The ESH Revolution ™ for short.

Why? Because it doesn’t just transform your dog, it transforms YOU. As we strive to become the best for our dogs, we cultivate our best selves.

So, let’s start this journey together. Let’s create bonds that transcend leashes and foster a connection that can be life changing!

Become an Emotional Support Human with us. 🤝🐶

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