Puppy Boundaries and Treat Etiquette: Teaching Tips

Teaching Your Puppy Boundaries and Polite Treat Taking

Join me on an exciting adventure as we teach your puppy to respect boundaries and take treats politely. Through personalized techniques and positive reinforcement, we’ll forge a strong bond while teaching important behaviors. Let’s get started!

Here are the steps that have brought me and my puppy closer and created a harmonious relationship:

Setting Boundaries:

Start by drawing an imaginary line, signaling your puppy to give you space when needed. With patience and consistency, you’ll establish this invisible boundary and create a comfortable environment for both of you.

Polite Treat Taking:

Encourage gentle treat taking by covering the treat with your hand. Reward your puppy when they display calm behavior and patiently wait for the treat. This teaches them to associate politeness with receiving rewards.

Reinforcing the Boundary:

If your puppy becomes overly excited or snatches the treat aggressively, refrain from giving it to them. Instead, wait for them to calm down and respect the boundary. Positive reinforcement strengthens their understanding.

Progressing with the Stay:

As your puppy grows accustomed to the exercise, aim for brief moments of hesitation before rewarding them. This helps develop their understanding of boundaries and reinforces the concept of staying in place.

Real-Life Applications:

Once your puppy grasps the concept of boundaries, you can apply this training to everyday situations. Redirect their attention during guest visits or when they display excessive excitement, using the boundary command. This ensures well-mannered behavior and strengthens your bond.


Teaching boundaries and polite treat taking is an exciting journey that strengthens your relationship with your puppy. Through personalized techniques, positive reinforcement, and consistent practice, you’ll create a well-behaved companion. Remember to make the sessions enjoyable and end on a positive note. Embrace this journey of growth with your puppy! 

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