Who Is Ryan Gwilliam?


This is me and my dog Batman!

This is me with my 1st crew in 2008. I looked like an idiot pushing that scooter all over the Avenues, but I didn’t care; I was making my dream job a reality.

Let me share something I’m embarrased about…

I worked in the real estate world when the market crashed in 2008. I suddenly found myself without work, a ton of debt, and no way to buy dog food. 

I didn’t want to go back to a cubicle or a sales job, so I decided to offer my services as a dog walker.

I was not making anywhere close to the amount of money I was used to, but surprisingly I didn’t care. 

I was doing what I loved, hanging out with dogs all day, and teaching people!

I don’t know anyone who cares more about the well-being of dogs than I do. I live for that moment when a dog gets a new skill down! That moment when I see it click in their mind, and they nail the exercise. I friggin love that moment.

I want to see that look on your dog’s face!

I’m curious… have you had a moment like this with your dog?

Have you taught them something new and gotten a bit too excited that they figured it out?! 

It’s the best feeling right?!

Here’s how my crazy dog trainer journey started:

I landed my very first, paid dog training customer from an ad on craigslist (remember that website?). I was amazed that anyone took me up on my offer for a 2 hour in-home training session for $50 because I had basically no experience. 

The first family I helped had a hyper English Mastiff named Aiden. He was terrorizing the entire house with all 200 lbs of enthusiasm he could muster. I remember leaving that session with my fingers crossed hoping they wouldn’t ask for their money back…

…the next day they called me and were thanking me for how much I helped them. They were so pleased to finally have some relief from their out of control dog. That’s when I knew I had a future. I had helped someone else inspire change in their dog in only 2 hours. 

The joy I felt that day, to know I had a useful skill that others needed desperately, was immense.

I now knew I could teach in a way that others found immediately helpful, and it had me on cloud nine.

And that’s how it all began. Fast forward 15+ years, and now I have a team of trainers helping hundreds of dogs each month to reach their training goals.

I absolutely love helping dog parents have a dog who is well behaved on and off leash, and who can enjoy life anywhere they want to go together.

That’s why I put together my free guide, “5 Dangerous Mistakes Dog Owners Make: And What To Do Instead”. Because there a few common mistakes I see all the time that are preventing dog parents from having success training their dog. 

I don’t want you to be one of those people! So download my guide today:

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