Dog Training Tips with Ryan Gwilliam

Are You Worried your dog will hate you for sending them away for training?

There’s a common misconception floating around that dogs dread training, much like some of us dread going to the dentist.

Well, I’m here to debunk that myth once and for all!

The honest truth? It’s not really training if your dog doesn’t love it. If you have to fight with your dog to get them to do something the good behavior won’t last!

It’s all about aligning what your dog wants with what you want. Let me explain…

If your dog truly believes good behavior leads directly to what they want, your dog will stop challenging you and start following your lead.

And guess what? That’s precisely what we will teach your dog here at Train Walk Poop.

Our specialty is showing dogs that good behavior leads to all their favorite things!

Our trainers teach your pup that the human way is not only the right way, but it’s also the obvious choice. Your dog will love our training system because they will see it as a fun challenge that leads to their favorite things.

Together, we’ll transform your dog’s attitude toward training, and you’ll witness the fantastic impact it has on both your lives. You will get hands on training each week with your trainer so you know exactly how to continue your dog’s success at home.

We’ll swap your dogs bad habits out for better ones. Once these habits are your dog’s default habits at home… you’ll do a lot less training.

You’re going to spend a lot more enjoying each other’s company.

Your Friend with the Treat Filled Pockets,

Ryan Gwilliam

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