If your dog comes when called off leash and walks nicely when on leash she probably won't give you much trouble anywhere.

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Puppy Training

We offer group classes, one on one sessions and Boot Camps specifically designed for puppies.

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Dog Training

We offer group classes, one on one sessions and Boot Camps specifically designed for adolescent and adult dogs.
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Dog Walking

You’ll get GPS tracking of every walk including a note from your dog walker that automatically gets emailed to you.

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Boarding & Daycare

Your dog will learn basic leash skills and to play appropriately with dogs of all ages and temperaments.
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Pet Sitting

Our loving pet sitters are here to keep your pets happy and comfy in their own home while you’re away.
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Our grooming services are very detailed. We take our time and are dedicated to being patient with each dog we groom.
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Dog Training Salt Lake City

What I Believe

1. Your dog needs to learn that all the best things in life come from you and that you’ll make sure she has everything she loves in exchange for good behavior.”

2. If you have to raise your voice to get your dog’s attention he probably isn’t getting the message you intend. When he’s trained, talking to him will get his attention just fine.

3. Training should be fun; this is why I incorporate games your dog will love into our training sessions.

4. If we teach your dog that following you leads to his favorite things… we won’t have to train for long.

5. The ultimate goal of my training system is the freedom for your dog to move and think without being constantly directed.

6. I want to teach your dog how to make good decisions when on and off leash so you won’t need to train her for every situation.

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Train Walk Poop is licensed, bonded and insured. We are also a professional level member of the IACP. Ryan Gwilliam has over 10 years of professional dog training experience working with hundreds of dogs of all different breeds, sizes, temperaments and ages. Ryan and his team train dozens of dogs every day with behavioral issues such as:

  • Potty Training
  • Mouthing and biting
  • Hyperactivity
  • Barking
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Jumping up
  • Anti-social (with people or dogs)
  • Overly social (pushy or rough play)
  • Aggression
  • Separation anxiety
    Etc, etc

The list goes on and on. If your dog is doing it we’ve seen it before. We love helping dogs overcome their behavioral issues in a fun, structured learning environment.

Free GPS Tracking
Daycare Run by Trainers
Group Classes, 1 on 1 sessions & Boot Camps Available
Since 2007

Meet Our Team

Our team members really bond with the pets they are entrusted to care for. I am confident that after a few visits with us your dog will start to think of our pet care team as part of the family. We see it time and time again! After all, it's the emotional connection that we have with your dogs that matters the most.
The Team

The Team


Ryan Gwilliam
- Trainer -

Ryan Gwilliam

People often ask me, “how did you get started working with dogs?”. To which I answer, “I got a dog”. And that’s the truth, I got a Pit Bull puppy on a whim, and I had no idea how to raise him.

I started watching The Dog Whisperer on tv, going to dog training workshops, reading dog related books and scientific studies and buying every dog training dvd I could get my hands on. Thanks to all my studying and hard work with my own dog, my friends and family soon took notice of my passion and ability with dogs. Click on image above to read more.

Lorie Mair
- Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Manager -

Lorie Mair

Lorie has had dogs her entire life. Something about their happy, playful nature and noble hearts has always made her love dogs. In December of 2014, Lorie was looking for a new challenge when she saw an opening with Train Walk Poop. She applied, and her search blossomed into a new passion. She loves what she does, and has a lot of fun with it. Her dependability shows, as she can be counted on to always do a great job.


Train Walk Poop has your pets needs covered

Dog walking

GPS tracking included

  • Walks of any length available
  • Free GPS tracking
  • End of walk note
  • Licensed, bonded, insured

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Dog Daycare

We teach social confidence and how to play nicely

  • Basic leash training
  • Social skills
  • Supervised by a trainer

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Dog Training

Tailored to you and your dog

  • 1 on 1 sessions
  • Boot Camps
  • Experienced trainers
  • Pro level members of IACP

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