When Do Puppies Start Settling Down

When Do Puppies start settling down   It’s a question most puppy owners ask at some point: when will my pup’s wild days come to an end? We all want to know when our furry friends will come out of their hyperactive phase, learning to relax and settle for sleepy snuggles.  The answer may surprise […]

I Train Dogs Because I Owe Them A Huge Debt

I train dogs because I owe them a huge debt Your dog can be more than just a companion; they can become a force for positive change for your whole family. I’m a weird guy. Here are a few fun facts about me:  I have been a drummer in a couple of rock bands.  I […]

Training Concepts to Understand When Training Your Dog

Training Concepts to understand when training your dog If you’re the proud owner of a pup in Salt Lake City, you’re likely eager to get started on the journey of training your canine companion. While training your pet can be a rewarding experience, it’s important to understand the common mistakes made by pet owners when […]

Getting A Dog Changed My Life

How Getting A Dog Changed My life Dear Reader, No one in my family would have described me as a thoughtful person growing up. I thought I was pretty smart and often wondered “why can’t everyone just be like me?” I seriously thought the world would be a better place if everyone was like me. […]

How My Troubled Dog Batman Became My Best Buddy

My Roller Coaster Journey – How My Troubled Dog Batman Became My Best Buddy Dear reader, My best friend is incredible! He’s one of those rare types who hangs on every word you say. He’s happy to be quiet when I need to focus, even though he’s one of those high-drive types. All I have […]

Enjoy Time Away Without Worrying About Your Dog

Enjoy time away without worrying about your dog Do you worry about your dog’s separation anxiety every time you leave the house? I know first hand how that can ruin a night out.  When I first started training dogs, I would often have customers’ dogs at my house. I would kennel them for the evening […]

Are You Worried Your Dog Will Hate You for Sending them Away for Training?

Are You Worried your dog will hate you for sending them away for training? There’s a common misconception floating around that dogs dread training, much like some of us dread going to the dentist. Well, I’m here to debunk that myth once and for all! The honest truth? It’s not really training if your dog […]

Luther’s Social Transformation

Luther’s Social Transformation I want to tell you about Luther, a dog who we’re all very proud of here at TWP. He overcame his antisocial tendencies and got his social confidence back! Just like with Luther, we’ll help your dog enjoy socializing and build lasting friendships with other dogs. 📖 Luther’s Remarkable Transformation Luther was […]

The Sock Stealing Puppy Turned Sock Retriever

The Sock-Stealing Puppy Turned Sock-Retriever! Here’s how we transformed a mischievous pup’s attention-seeking behavior into a useful skill! 🐾 Is it possible to turn a dog’s naughty behavior into a useful skill? It is! I taught a customer’s puppy who used to steal socks to bring them to mom instead of playing keep away. 📖 […]

How To Be Patient With Your Dog

How To Be Patient With your Dog   Time for some quick tips on how to be patient with your dog:   Set realistic expectations: Dogs are like toddlers for life, so it’s important to set realistic expectations. Expect your dog to improve in baby steps each day and assume it’ll be 2 steps forward […]