Understanding Your Dog’s Care: Our Commitment to Communication

Our Commitment to Communication in Understanding Your Dog’s Care We Tell You Everything About Your Dog Dogs are family, and we get that. At Train Walk Poop, we prioritize transparency and open communication to ensure your dog’s well-being during their stay or training.  Here’s how we keep you informed and make sure your dog has […]

Big Dogs vs. Small Dogs: Are They Really Different?

Big Dogs vs. Small Dogs: The Key Differences Understanding Big vs. Small Dogs Are big dogs and small dogs really that different when it comes to training and behavior? Let’s explore this common misconception. The Basics: A Dog is a Dog In the world of dog training, size doesn’t matter as much as you might […]

Using E-Collars: Gentle Training Insights

Mastering Dog Training with E-Collars Unlocking Effective Dog Training E-collars can be a valuable tool in dog training when used gently and effectively. In this blog, we’ll provide some insights into using e-collars with care. Understanding the Basics:  E-collars emit a beeping sound to signal corrections to your dog. It’s crucial to start with low […]

Transform Your Dog’s Behavior: Free Evaluation in Salt Lake City!

Unlock a Better Behaved Dog: Free Evaluation in Salt Lake City! Dog Behavior Transformation Do you find yourself embarrassed by your dog’s behavior when you take them out in public in Salt Lake City? Are leisurely strolls in the park more frustrating than enjoyable due to constant pulling and lunging? You’re not alone. Many dog […]

Mastering Hillside Dog Walking in Minutes

Mastering Hillside Dog Walking in 40 Minutes Hillside Dog Walking Mastery in Minutes Are you struggling to teach your dog how to walk perfectly on a hill? In this blog, we’ll share a quick and effective method that focuses on timing. Recently, we took on the challenge of training 12 dogs to walk in a […]

Managing Demanding Dogs in Utah: The Kennel Solution

Learn How to Handle Demanding Dogs in Utah with The Kennel Method The Kennel Solution If you’re dealing with a demanding dog in Utah, we have a simple and effective solution for you: kenneling. Let’s dive right into it. We recently met a Utah dog owner who was frustrated by her dog’s constant whining and […]

Puppy Potty Training for 8-Hour Sleep Tonight

How to Get Your Dog to Sleep 8 Hours Tonight Puppy Potty Training & Achieving 8 Hours of Sleep Tonight Are you struggling to get your new puppy to sleep through the night? As a dog trainer with years of experience, I’m here to share some valuable tips that will help you and your dogs […]

How Taking My Foster Dog Off Leash Went Wrong – The Cat Chase Story

When Foster Dog Meets Freedom: The Cat Chase Story Foster Dog Off Leash Gone Wrong Once upon a time at Train Walk Poop, we had a foster dog named Nico, a pit bull lab mix. Nico was a sweet dog but had some resource guarding issues and aggression towards other dogs, making it challenging to […]

A Dirty Little Secret: Dog Trainers Dogs Are Naughty Too

A Dirty Little Secret: Dog Trainers’ Dogs Are Naughty Too (My Dog’s Taco Addiction) Why Dog Trainers’ Dogs Misbehave: When I first got Batman, I adopted him from a great foster group called cause.org. He was a wild man, and I lived near a Taco Cart that he absolutely loved. He would sometimes run out […]